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Our specialty ammo is produced by quality manufacturers at an affordable price.

Wolf Hill Trading Company offers a wide variety of specialty shotgun rounds in 12, and 20 gauges as well as .410. This ammo is produced by quality manufacturers adhering to industry standards of pressure, velocity, penetration, and accuracy.

Specialty shotguns rounds are not something you will find at your local Wal-Mart or Bass Pro Shops. Most often they can only be found at a Gun Show or at a Website like ours. We have some of the most unique rounds available for the shotgun, and at the most competitive prices.

Some of the popular Specialty Ammo rounds are:

  • Dragons Breath – this round shoots an incendiary ball of fire igniting everything in its path. In 12g the muzzle flash can be seen about 100 feet and the magnesium will launch between 75.
  • .50 BMG Tracer – yes, that’s right! A .50 BMG 671 grain bullet loaded in a shotgun shell! Now that’s specialty! This m17 tracer round lights out of the barrel, burns for about 4 seconds. Running a slow 950 fps with a bright trace make this fun to shot along with the Dragons Breath.
  • Flechette – this round is loaded with 1” steel flechette darts. It’s a light load and won’t go through multiple layers of drywall, making this specialty shotgun round a good home defense round where containment is an issue. Must be shot from a Cylinder Bore only (no choke).
  • Ball and Chain – 2 – 58 caliber musket balls on a braided cable. This round is accurate and devastating. We also have 3 balls on a chain loaded in a 3” magnum.
  • Super Buck and Slug - this round gives you the best of both worlds. 9 – 00 Buck and a 7/8 oz sabot slug. I used to load my defense gun with buck then slug then buck etc. Now I have both in the same round!
  • Metal Piercing Incendiary – a 500 grain hardened slug with an incendiary top traveling at 1700 fps gives you a 3000 degree flash on a sufficiently hard target.

Buck n Slug Shotgun Ammo

 12 Gauge Buck n Slug

This round gives you the best of both worlds!

12 Gauge Ball n Chain

12 Gauge Ball n Chain

Two 58 caliber musket balls on a braided cable!

Flechette Specialty Ammo


This round is loaded with 1” steel flechette darts! 

These are just some of the specialty ammo you will find in our store.

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