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Our exotic shotgun ammo is manufactured with the highest quality products and a shotgun is the best firearm for home defense. We carry a variety of rounds for 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 16 gauge and 410 gauge shells.

Our exotic shotgun ammo includes viable, effective buckshot rounds for the 20-gauge shotgun, 8 ’00,’ buckshot are loaded into a 2 ¾” shell and run 1,100 fps from a 24” barrel yielding 1,175 foot-pounds energy. This round is perfect for turning fast handling, 20 gauge shotguns into tactical/home defense weapons. This loading compares directly to the Remington, ‘Managed Recoil,*’ 00 buckshot load for a 12 gauge!!! This round will have recoil similar to the Remington 20 gauge, ‘Gun Club Target,*’ load. Other ammunition manufacturers list a 100 fps higher velocity for their, ‘tactical,’ loads but read the fine print. They use a 30” full choke barrel for their velocity tests and each inch longer barrel yields another 25-30 fps in velocity.

Our 12 Gauge UltraBuck Magnum was originally made for an East Texas rancher to deal severely with the local feral pig population. He needed a round that would guarantee deep penetration and massive tissue damage. In addition, we have the .50 BMG/M17 TRACER – 12 Gauge Sabot by using a variation of our patented MassForward technology we are able to make this shotgun ammo, the .50BMG round nearly three and a half inches long when the slug exits the barrel. In plain English a portion of the wad stays with the bullet in flight, like fletching on an arrow.

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Exotice Ammo Sabot


With surprisingly light recoil this metal piercing slug has its way with TWO car doors.

Exotic Ammunition


We have figured out how to load .50BMG bullets into 12 gauge hulls!!! 

Exotic Shotgun Ammo

UltraBuck Magnum 0000 Buckshot 

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