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12 Gauge Celebration Combo - 5 Rounds - OUT OF STOCK

Price: $26.25
Item Number: celebration-combo


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This round is currently shipping in 10 days which is a little longer than normal due to the heavy orders for 12 gauge Dragons Breath. Order early for your July 4th celebrations! Thank you for your patience.

In this 12 gauge CELEBRATION COMBO, we packaged one of our .50 BMG Tracer rounds. It lights out of the barrel and burns for 4 seconds. Your guests will like this opening round! Next in line is one each of our Incendiary Slug and our MPI. Aim both rounds at a hard metal target for a 3,000 degree flash and loud cheering! And last, our most popular round, you’ll receive two of our Dragons Breath! An incendiary ball of fire will shoot from your barrel - followed by an applause from your guests!
The CELEBRATION COMBO is great for holiday gatherings and makes a great gift for special occasions, anniversaries and unique gift-giving times!
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