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.45 Long Colt Snake Shot - 6 Rounds-1

Price: $18.00
Limited Quantities
Item Number: 45LCSS6
NO SHIPMENTS for 22LR, .45Long Colt, or .410 rounds to NEW JERSEY without a retail firearm license documentation for receipt of shipping. Email your local store info to New ruling as of 7/5/22.

.45 Long Colt Snake Shot is GUARANTEED to ruin the day of any of your slithering aquaintances. It sports a 1/3 ounce of magnum hardness #9 birdshot clocking in at 900 FPS. It has a pattern of 6" at 6'. Very mild recoil, similar to that of a .38 special wad cutter. Perfect for your .45 Long Colt or Judge.
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