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.410 Flechette 1" Darts, 2 1/2" - 5 Rounds

Price: $20.00
Limited Quantities
Item Number: 410FL5


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NO SHIPMENTS for 22LR or .410 rounds to NEW JERSEY without a retail firearm license documentation for receipt of shipping. Email your local store info to New ruling as of 7/5/22.

The flechette round carries about 9,1 inch dart shaped projectiles. In Vietnam they were used in taking out snipers hiding in thick brush or trees. Due to the penetration of these projectiles, tree limbs and brush will not disperse the darts as readily as round shot. They will give an all covering pattern within trees or brush. This round is a 2 1/2" hull and will fit in all modern .410's. Not intended for hunting. This round is not legal to own in CA, FL, MA, IL, DC, HI, or AK. By clicking on the shopping cart, you certify that you can legally own this round in you jurisdiction.
5 Rounds Per Box
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