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AR15 410 2-1/2" 0000 Buck - 10 Rounds

Price: $27.00
Item Number: AR15-410/UB10
NO SHIPMENTS for 22LR or .410 rounds to New Jersey without a retail firearm license documentation for receipt of shipping. Email your local store info to New ruling as of 7/5/22.

Having a hard time finding .410 rounds that will load into the magazine of your .410 AR Upper? This round is sized and tested to feed flawlessly. Say hello to our AR-410 2-1/2” 0000 Ultra Buck! These rounds carry 3 balls that are .375” diameter and weigh 78 grains each. We roll crimp ALL our .410 rounds to insure smooth feeding and easy ejection. Nobody else in the world makes a .410 buckshot this big so we’re calling it, ‘0000,’ or 4/0 buckshot. With a velocity of 1,200 fps these four balls generate more than 725 foot/pounds energy. See these balls in action to appreciate them!
10 Rounds Per Box
( The original design was for 4 balls - all the marketing material was done with that design. Manufacturing had to make a change at the last minute to make the length work and changed the round to a 3 ball round. If you receive material showing 4 balls, we are sorry for that error. The AR15 .410 4/0 Buck is a 3 ball round, all the other specs are accurate.)
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