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20 Gauge Tactical 00 buck shot, 2 3/4″ - 10 Rounds

Price: $22.00
Item Number: 0021

FINALLY, viable, effective buckshot rounds for the 20-gauge shotgun are available. Our newly improved round has 10 ’00,’ buckshot that are loaded into a 2 ¾” shell and run 1,250 fps from a 22” barrel. Our premium nickel plated 00 buckshot hits A LOT harder than lead buckshot. The pellets weigh in at 44 grains apiece giving you more than an ounce of payload. This provides plenty of 'OOMPH" for virtually any buckshot application, be it for hunting or personal protection. This round is perfect for turning fast handling, 20 gauge shotguns into tactical/home defense weapons.
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