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Our 20 gauge shotgun shells have less recoil than a 10, 12 or 16 gauge and are used by many who want prolonged shooting without the recoil.

Smaller gauge guns are usually used for clay target shooting and hunting smaller birds and game animals, while the larger gauge guns may be employed for clay target games, personal defense and for hunting the larger game species like turkey and deer.

The little pellets a shotgun fires are collectively called “shot.” Most are often pure lead, sometimes lead coated with another material like copper, or non-lead components such as steel and other materials. The shot sizes are numbered beginning with the smaller “bird shot.”

20 GA shells also fire single projectiles known as “slugs.” Usually reserved for larger game such as deer and sometimes bear, slug shotguns can have a traditional smooth bore like all shotguns that fire shot pellets. Easy to see why it takes more lead balls in 20 gauge to equal a pound than it does a 12 gauge, the 20 ga bore diameter is smaller than a 12 ga.

The common shotguns made today (from smallest to largest) are .410-bore (not actually a gauge), 28 gauge, 20 gauge, 16 gauge, 12 gauge and 10 gauge.
Shotguns of long ago also included the mammoth 8-gauge and 4-gauge and the smaller 24-gauge and 32-gauge, but these are all collectors’ items now.
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