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Solvent Trap Adapter Patch Catcher-Black 1/2 X 28

Price: $35.00
Item Number: 1228-black

To install the Solvent Trap Adapter Patch Catcher, first remove the flash hider from your threaded barrel. Install the adaptor on the barrel, install a Fram PH373 filter on the adapter. You can then do your cleaning from the breech end, run the solvents down the barrel, and clean your gas port. All the solvents and debris will be trapped in the filter along with the patches. This will keep you from making a mess and getting bore splatter all over the place. Remove the adapter and filter, reclaim the solvents, then reinstall the flash hider.

The thread pitch of the O.D is 13/16 X 16. The adapter is made of Aluminum and Anodized in the various colors.

Not intended for any other purpose. 1/2 X 28 Black AR-15 and other 22 Cal.
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