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We carry a variety of 12 gauge exotic ammo that break rock-solid barriers, not your bank account.

Our M855 round has about 40 of the hard, steel cores loaded into it and features a special steel shot wad to insure that the cores and the barrel play nice. The cores produce a fast opening pattern and upon impact the cores tumble like little lawn-mower blades. If you want to absolutely shred your target, reach for the M855 12 gauge exotic ammo.

Try our armor piercing incendiary with light recoil this armor piercing slug has its way with two car doors and still has plenty of horse power to take care of business on the other side. Body armor won’t help a suspect with this round, either. The rounds not only penetrated completely through two car doors but also passed through the milk jugs and then one went through two 2×4′s!

Nothing says ‘I love you,’ like a six inch wide entry wound. Some folks call these rounds ‘bolo’ rounds. These rounds contain two .58 Caliber musket balls connected by a 6″ seven strand, braided steel cable. While the cable keeps the balls close together in flight it makes its own wound path upon impact. This 12 gauge exotic ammo is not for the faint of heart.

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