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Wolf Hill Trading Company’s exotic shotgun ammo and Dragon’s Breath shells are competitively priced with flat rate shipping and NO HAZMAT FEES!


Wolf Hill Specials

12 Gauge 2-3/4" Dragon's Breath - 5 Rounds
Price: $30.00
12 Gauge 2-3/4" Dragon's Breath - 5 Rounds
5 rounds per box
12 Gauge 2-3/4" Ultimate Punishment - 10 Rounds
Price: $25.00
12 Gauge 2-3/4" Ultimate Punishment - 10 Rounds
10 Rounds per Box
AR15 Magazines 30 Rounds - Used (Three)
Price: $20.00
AR15 Magazines 30 Rounds - Used (Three)
AR15 Magazines 30 Rounds - Quantity of 3 These magazines may not be legal in all jurisdictions. Please check state and local laws before ordering!
Integrated Solvent Trap Adapter Flash Suppressor
Price: $85.00
Integrated Solvent Trap Adapter Flash Suppressor
Integrated Flash Suppressor with Solvent Trap/Patch Catcher Threads. This Flash Suppressor belongs to the weapon. The Solvent Trap can be easily be installed and removed for cleaning purposes.

We are dedicated to liberty, freedom, and the right to protect one’s life and property and believe that the shotgun is one of the best weapons for home defense. We are promoting the use of some specialty ammunition and provide several choices for shotguns of various gauges.

Some of these items fall into that personal protection category, and others are just fun to shoot. Several of these rounds are designed also for law enforcement and military use. The ammunition is made for us by a licensed ammunition manufacturer and we distribute the products as Wolf Hill Trading Company.

Do you know someone who has everything and is hard to buy gifts for? We have shotgun rounds that will solve your dilemma. Check out the .50BMG 12gauge round…you won’t find that anywhere else!!

You will find items you may never have seen before, so feel free to browse through our categories of exotic shotgun ammo.

We also carry exploding targets; these are a blast to shoot – no pun intended. (I take that back…I meant the pun)

Thanks for visiting Wolf Hill Trading Company and stop back for additions to our line of exotic shotgun ammo.

Find our products at the next area gun show.

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